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Please note that we are busiest during the summer and book several weeks in advance.

Contact us early to avoid disappoinment.

Training with us

Morgan Motorcycle Training started helping people get on two wheels back in 2012 and our fresh approach to training has helped many riders enjoy the freedom that motorcycling offers. From the beginning, we decided that we would run our training courses by the day, giving students the flexibility of paying for as many days as they actually need, and be able to fit them around home and work commitments.

Bike hire
You can use one of our modern, fully-maintained 50cc (AM), 125cc (A1), 500cc (A2) or 650cc (A) machines.

Protective clothing
We have helmets, gloves, jackets and waterproofs available on the day if required.

What can you ride?

Aged 16, you can ride a 50cc moped by completing the CBT. You will need to have L-plates on your moped and cannot carry passengers or use motorways. The CBT is valid for two years.

Aged 17 onwards, your can ride a 125cc motorcycle by completing the CBT or by having a current valid CBT certificate. You will need to have L-plates on your motorcycle and cannot carry passengers or use motorways.

If you want to remove your L-plates and get your full licence, then you will have to complete or have a valid CBT. Next, you will need to pass your Motorcycle Theory Test. After you have your CBT and theory completed, you will need to have some training in order to pass the practical tests known as Module 1 and Module 2.

Your age will determine the bike you can use for your training and practical tests and ultimately the licence you can get.

Aged 16 AM — 50cc moped.

Aged 17 A1 — 125cc light motorcycle.

Aged 19 A2 — a motorcycle not exceeding 35 kw (46.6 bhp). If you have held your A2 licence for two years you can upgrade to a full licence early at the age of 21 by taking the module 1 and 2 again.

Aged 24 A — any motorcycle.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

The facts

If you want to ride a moped/scooter or learner motorcycle on the road you must complete a Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT) to validate your provisional licence.

It entitles you to ride on the road as a learner with L-plates (D-plates in Wales) but you mustn't carry a pillion passenger or go on a motorway.

CBT isn't a test and there's no exam: it's a course of training you're required to complete to a satisfactory level. Most will complete the CBT in one day however as far as we are concerned it takes as long as it takes and we will never rush or pressure you to finish in a day. We also do not charge any extra should you need longer.

What can you ride?

Aged 16: 50cc moped

Aged 17: up to a 125cc scooter or motorcycle

A CBT certificate on a moped is also valid for motorcycles once the rider has reached 17 years of age and has the necessary licence.

If you have a car licence...
If you obtained your full car licence before 1 February 2001 you are automatically entitled to ride a moped without L-plates (D-plates in Wales).

If you obtained your full car licence after 1 February 2001 you must first complete a CBT course and obtain a DL 196 certificate to validate your entitlement.

Motorcycle theory test

Before attempting the practical tests (MOD 1 & MOD 2) you'll need to take the DVSA motorcycle theory test, which you can book online at the DVSA website.

Practise the official driving theory test from the Driving Standards Agency here.

Practical module 1

The test is carried out on a DVSA-approved site. For this module you will need to demonstrate proficiency in various elements.

These comprise slow riding, u-turn, figure of eight, swerve/avoid procedure and controlled emergency stop.

You will be accompanied to the test centre in Taunton by a qualified trainer who will also use the journey to improve your riding in preparation for module 2.

Practical module 2

This consists of a ride that covers various road and traffic conditions. It lasts 35–40 minutes with the DVSA examiner following.

You will have to demonstrate a competent hill start, pull in and away from the kerb, and perform a free ride of around 10 minutes. For this, the examiner will direct you to follow the signs to a particular destination and will then follow in silence.

During the test you are permitted to commit up to 10 non-serious rider faults but none that are deemed to be dangerous.

Back to Biking

Everything you need to get you back in the saddle after time away or maybe you're feeling nervous after a bad experience?

You can spend some time with us and we will help sharpen your skills and correct any little bad habits you may have picked up along the way.


We set up and run an online community called Yeovil Riders.

We are a friendly group of riders from Yeovil and the surrounding area. New members are very welcome. It doesn't matter what type of motorcycle you ride or how big your engine is — we're happy to see you.

Latest news

Trainee area — coming soon

If you have booked or are currently training with us, you'll soon be able to access our Trainee area here.


So how much is my motorcycle licence going to cost?

We run our training courses by the day. This means you have the flexibilty to have as many or few days as you can afford, as well as not having to pay for days you may not need.

  • CBT, including motorcycle/clothing hire: £120.00
  • CBT, using own motorcycle: £99.00
  • DAS A1,A2,A training: £140.00 per day

Please call us to discuss your individual training needs. Our full price list is available on request and at Morgan Motorcycles.

Discount for military and NHS staff is available. Please call for more information.


You can pay for your training by cash or card. We can take card payments in person at Morgan Motorcycles or over the phone. You can also pay via PayPal using the button below.

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*Please call or email us before PayPal payment to select the training date you require. If contact is not made before payment you may not be offered the date you require. In this instance a refund may be offered minus any fees from PayPal.*

Full payment must be received two weeks prior to training commencing unless agreed in advance.

Get in touch

For prices and instruction that is tailored to your requirements please call Morgan Motorcycle Training on 01935 433095 or e-mail info@morganmotorcycletraining.co.uk.

Please note that during the spring/summer period CBT slots are filled very quickly. We recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.